Being transparent

The media has done a lot of stories about trans students in schools. Usually focussed on bullying, uniforms or bathrooms. So it was great when I was approached by someone wanting to do a positive story. So here is a link to the article but here are some other observations.

I think it is hard for some people (including the media) to understand the complexity of identity, particularly when it come to gender identity in schools. These guys put themselves out there and I know some people will celebrate and respect that – I’ve had heaps of positive feedback already (keep it coming please). There will be some who just don’t get it or even want to try and get it, unfortunately they are the ones that comment online most of the time (why is that?). So I guess the observation here is I hope budding journalists (and maybe more seasoned ones) can think carefully about the ethics of consent and consider the impact of their story telling. There are ripples in communities that might not seem big but are tsunamis for others.

Ultimately it was a privilege to sit and listen and be part of a conversation with some really insightful young guys. If everyone could take a fraction of their humility and understanding the world would be a better place – thanks Alex, Ryan and David for your transparency and courage to tell it how it is. If these ripples become waves, we’ll ride them out together.



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