Lost in Translation

(A co-authored blog to respond to some really weird comments from members of the public following the publication of an article about trans students experiences at EGGS)

So – I checked in with the guys and they were intrigued by some of the online responses to the article. Here is a sample of comments we feel obliged to highlight and offer our thoughts:

“If kids want to be cats, will schools now have to supply kitty litter etc”

If your child does want to be a cat then kitty litter would be appropriate if you are a good cat owner

Actually you are the one with issues (hiss)

“Shortland Street has a lot to answer for”

What is Shortland Street? ….seriously…what is it?

OMG you mean trans people didn’t exist before 1992!

“They are probably gender non-conforming lesbians”

Yes – I am a guy lesbian…not sure how that works but ok

Oooooh but what if we liked boys?….or cats?….(wink wink)

“They should all be in the same class”

Well – that would be a bit smelly

But that might mean allowing students to be with people of different ages – scandalous – year 13’s with year 9’s OMG – actually that doesn’t sound so bad

“I’ve traveled the world and never met a trans person”

Sorry – they should have been wearing their ‘hi I’m transgender’ badge

Because it’s always the first thing we think of telling people when they meet us to make it just that little more uncomfortable for us


Yip – there are a lot of interesting comments out there but to all you other young trans people in schools – hang in there – find your allies and if you are thinking you are a cat then you are just puurrrrrfect.




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